Living Room

Teaser Trailer



Unemployed, middle-aged and depressed, Masayuki lives with his elderly mother. She thinks he works nights but really he wanders the streets, drinks and gambles. He amasses enough gambled winnings to finance her foreseeable future, before his final departure. When the time comes, Masayuki confronts oblivion with the help of a mysterious stranger.


Masaaki Aoi ~ Masayuki
Sonoko Kameoka ~ Mother
Qyoko Kudo ~ Woman
Motomasa Okui ~ Mysterious Man


Writers ~ Rhys Mitchell & Jessica Barclay Lawton
Director ~ Jessica Barclay Lawton
Producers ~ Jessica Barclay Lawton & Rhys Mitchell
Line Producer ~ Rumi Tominaga
Director of Photography ~ Alex Cardy
Sound Designer & Composer ~ Gunay Demirci
Editor ~ Paul Rowe

Link to film available upon request